Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Delayed Update...

Okay, I am never going to keep up with this blog as much as I intend! :)

Things here in Hong Kong have been good but busy.  David is working a tremendous amount.  The kids have been good, although both had a bout with a stomach flu last week.  My mom came to visit us in Hong Kong for 3 full weeks, which was great!  We had such a good time showing her around and the boys loved having here here.  My Dad and Barb will arrive in just over a week for a 4 week stay and we are really looking forward to their visit.

Both kids are doing well with potty training!  They pee in the potty regularly, but that's about it.  It is good progress from where we were though! :)

Oh...we also cut Will's hair!  It was not quite intentional to cut it so short, but I am not sure that the guy who did it knew how to cut curly hair.  At first I was devastated, but after a day or so, it really grew on me.  He looks like a boy now! :) LOL

Here are some pictures of the boys from today:

From Sunday Park Play
From Sunday Park Play
From Sunday Park Play
From Sunday Park Play
Hope you all are doing well!  We do miss seeing all our family and friends!



Mama Marathon said...

Will looks like such a grown up boy!! So handsome!

Bar-b said...

awesome new page design Bec. The boys are beauitiful as always. Come to my house, you've been tagged.