Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bag Game

Okay, so I usually just post about my kids and Hong Kong...but I was recently tagged by my friend Barbie to play the Bag Game. it diaper/purse/carry all bag...

Here is my bag...purchased at an open market in Hong Kong for $25 HKD (about $3 US!)
From My bag and Hampster babies

And here are the contents of my bag in all their glory! :)
From My bag and Hampster babies
Starting at the top left, there are several items of Bobbi Brown make-up (blush, concealer, powder, lipstick), Bert's Bees chapstick (can't live without this!),  my cell phone, two Cars (Doc Hudson and Dinaco Blue Lightning McQueen...characters from the movie Cars), an EpiPen Jr. in case of peanut exposure (for Will), a little plastic container containing 2 spoons and 2 forks (needed for the boys in HK restaurants when they only have chopsticks!), a package of Huggies wipes, 2 diapers for D-pax, 2 pull-ups for Will, a little package of tissues (some public toilets in HK do NOT supply toilet paper or supply it only by the entrance!), my three compact nylon bags in carriers (used for shopping instead of getting a plastic bag from the store), a little tupperware container full of multigrain cheerios, a box of raisins (my boys need snacks available at ALL times!) and two small plastic bags (in case of pee-pee emergencies for Will when we can't find a public toilet in time - this has come in quite handy one more than one occasion).  I warned is an ALL purpose bag!  When you travel on public transportation (train, ferry, bus, taxi) you need to carry a LOT of stuff!  No emergency stash "in the car" must be in the bag!  LOL...

So now I am supposed to tag other blogging ladies to participate.  Most of my friends are working mamma's so I won't be offended if you don't have time! ;)  Have fun and show us your bags! 

2. Ryan



Mama Marathon said...

What fun! And a good excuse to clean out my purse. I posted mine at .

Bar-b said...

lol, I am just seeing this now. I don't have your blog on my feeder. I kept thinking "rad sucks and never updates the blog" yet here you are. Your bag is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a bunch of stuff we carry eh? thanks for playing, hong kong mama.