Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goldfish, Flower and Bird Markets

I took the boys to the Bird, Goldfish and Flower markets in Mong Kok today!  It is an area just north of where we live (3 train stops from us!) that has a lot of outdoor markets.  I thought that the boys would appreciate seeing the animals (although I would have rather done some shopping - amazing stuff up there if you know where to look!).

The Flower market was at least an entire block of shops that almost all sold plants and fresh cut flowers.  While still busy, it was a nice change of scenery!

The Goldfish market was really cool.  A whole street with many fish stores.  The fish are out in big aquariums and tanks that you can look at.  There was a wide variety in all shapes, sizes and colors, including a whole store that did salt water tanks.  Unfortunately, they won't let you take pictures.  Will really enjoyed seeing the fish!

The bird market and garden was interesting.  Lots of older men sitting around talking, smoking and looking at their birds.  And of course birds for sale too.

Here are some photos of our adventures:

The extreme close up of the plant was actually taken by Will...I thought it was a pretty cool picture! :)  I also love the picture of Will watching the train go by...he is still enthralled with trains.  We have to wait to watch them go by or he will throw a fit!  After I took that picture he asked if we could go ride on that train.

Next we have to hit the Jade market...think I will do that on on my own so I can enjoy it in peace! :)  hahaha....


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danielle said...

Gosh, how beautiful!! I wish we could have seen pics of the fish tanks.

I'm loving the blog so far, Becca!