Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Wave Bay Beach

So I took the boys to the beach today!  We had a great time.  It was the first time the boys have really gotten to play in the sand and surf so it was fun to see them explore.  Of course as we were leaving, I heard an announcement that the beach was "officially" closed because the shark nets had sustained damage in the recent typhoon.  Nice.  Apparently the beaches here drop very deep very close to shore so they use shark nets to prevent the shark from coming up to the swimming area.  Daddy David refers to the boys as "chum" for the sharks and is adamant that they are not to go in the water! :)

We had a nice trip and enjoyed playing in the sea!



Lizzy Deaton said...

what beautiful pictures, and can i say how very gorgeous you look in those pictures!!! :)

danielle said...

Great pics- I agree- you look AWESOME!!

Bar-b said...

Hi Sexpot! You and the boys look stellar!

I am so happy to be connected to y'all again.

Doc, I am so going to visit you.