Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yay for Poo!

Okay, so we have been working with Will a L-O-N-G time now on potty training (I know...he is 3 1/2...most kids have this down by now).  He has been doing really well with going pee in the potty but has refused to poo in the potty.  I was keeping him in underwear when we were at home and putting him in pull ups when we went out to avoid the inevitable mess.  Well, I finally decided that he wasn't going to figure it out unless I just put him in undies and toughed it out.  Yesterday was the first full day in underwear.  He did GREAT!  No accidents, but then again, NO POO, which is unusual for him.  We did keep him in a pull up overnight.  Today, he said several times that he had to go poo and we would put him on the toilet to no avail.  However, late this afternoon, he finally did not just one, but THREE poos on the potty.  He must have been "storing" them from yesterday.  He was so proud of himself (as were we!).  Finally...some success! :)  I have never been so happy to see poo in all my life.

Anyway, that is our big story of the day.  Here are some pictures from our day's adventures and play:

We had to buy these bubble guns because the boys love bubbles so much...however D-pax always ends up eating the bubble solution while trying to "blow" the bubbles.  The guns bypass the need to blow! :)  Needless to say, they were a big hit...they are Buzz Lightyear paraphanalia.  Thanks, Disney.  LOL...

Oh...and here is a little video of the boys for those of you who have not seen it on my Facebook page:

Happy Tuesday,


HBC said...

Elijah has the SAME problem. He can pee like a champ in the toilet, but we are still struggling w/ the poo. Every once in a while he will do it, and then be SOOO proud of himself...but then, he'll sh*t in his pants again. Oye vey!

So glad to hear you're coming in July. Can't wait to see you!

Mama Marathon said...

Congratulations, Will!!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Yay Will! Samantha has some hard time pooping when she was small but she also has some bw issues. See what motherhood does to smart women? So happy for poop in the toilet! lol

Bar-b said...

great poo story! glad he is getting his "stuff" together :)

the slide picture rocks!

you didn't use what I sent you for Pt'ing didja?

xoxox, great vid!