Saturday, August 9, 2008

T minus 16 days and counting! Yes, that's right, we leave Charlottesville, VA on August 25 for Richmond where we will stay overnight and depart for Hong Kong the morning of August 26. Our flight takes us to JKF (NYC) first, then onto a Cathay Pacific flight direct to Hong Kong! We are flying business class (woowoo) to HK and have elected to just have 3 seats since we don't thing D-Pax will sit in a seat by himself since the "pods" in business class sit at an angle (an he wouldn't be able to see us). Hopefully we will not regret this! The "pods" look fantastic and roomy and the chairs fully recline, so maybe we can sleep some too.

We land in HK on Aug 27 at about 6pm their time (which is 6am eastern time!). Adjusting to jet lag with two kids should be OH SO FUN! :) Hopefully they will be so exhausted from the trip that we can just sleep. Wishful thinking I am sure!

Our heads are spinning a little trying to wrap up all the loose ends here as you can imagine!

Exciting times for sure!



Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Oh my! So soon! That's the date Samantha will start school and my cousin is flying back home from BC! That sure is an important date for all of us. I hope the kids sleep well and for you guys as well! :) Once you're established, please send us a note! :)

Bar-b said...

oh you updated your blog- thankyouverymuch :) Exciting stuff to come Becca! The set up sounds as good as it can get....good job. Can't wait to hear that you got there ok and that the boys (all three) were good ;)

yikes....right around the corner for sure.

big kisses and as nancy said, keep us posted!

Barbara said...

Big Kisses and Hugs to you on your birthday sweetie. I know, it doesn't seem like a day to celebrate with so many things going on in your life, but DO sit back this evening, take a deep breath and know that "LIfe is Good"!
We enjoyed singing our litte birthday song to you this morning!!!!

We love you-----Momma & Dad

Corey said...

So you're there! Today! WOW!